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Birthdate:May 1
Location:New York, United States of America
Mood Theme by [personal profile] thena

Age Statement: Yes, because some LJ communities are asking for age statements now, I am well over the age of twenty-one.

Guide to Classic-Era Snape/Hermione

Guide to Order of the Phoenix-Era Snape/Hermione

Guide to Half-Blood Prince-Era Snape/Hermione

Guide to Post Deathly Hallows-Era Snape/Hermione (Year One)

All my fanfic in Trek and Harry Potter and anything else I someday decide to get into can be found on the KIA Repository


Book of Shadows SS/HG — WIP
An Unexamined Life SS/HG — Novella, written with [profile] zeegrindylows
“Janus” SS/HG — Short Multi-chapter
“Face-On” SS/HG — one-shot
“Madmen and Englishwomen” SS/HG — one-shot
“Surfacing” SS/HG — one-shot
“The Hunting of the Snark” Snuna — one-shot
“Release” DM/HG — one-shot
“A Different Kind of Gryffindor” Percy, SS/HG Implied — one-shot
“Gambit” Ron-centric — vignette
“Auspicious Day” SS/HG — ficlet
“Four Challenge Ficlets” SS/HG — one-shots
“Silver Age” McGonagall — ficlet
“Mated Pair” Molly — ficlet
My DrabblesSSHG

MY STAR TREK STORIES ~ written as Rabble Rouser

Rabble Rouser's Rec Room

Placements for Best Author, twice for Best TOS Author, 9 story placements.

title or description

“Gambit” was chosen as “story of the month”

Gambit I Rec at Know-It-Alls title or description
“Gambit” Round 1 Nominee **** I’m a Know-It-All Rec’er

Fandom of Stars

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